Ackermann’s Repository of Arts
August 1818
“Morning Dress”

The print is described in the magazine as follows:

“A high dress composed of jaconet muslin: the body has a little fullness in the back; the fronts are plain, and wrap across in the style of fichu. A row of richly worked trimming, headed with a double rouleau of muslin, through which a coloured ribbon is run, ornaments the back between the shoulders, and goes down on each side of the front. Instead of a collar, the body is ornamented at the throat with a single row of work, headed by a rouleau of muslin. The skirt is of an easy fullness; it is richly embroidered round the bottom in a light patterns of branches of leaves placed upright. Over this dress is worn a pelisse of pearl-coloured striped lutestring, trimmed round with a row of light embroidery in a wave pattern of pearl-coloured silk. The body is made plain, tight to the shape, and the waist is of a moderate length; it has no collar, but is finished at the throat by a frill of pointed blond. Plain long sleeves, embroidered at the wrist to correspond with the skirt of the pelisse. Head-dress, the Clarence bonnet, composed of blond intersected with pipings of pale pink satin, and ornamented with a full garland of moss and damask roses and bluebells. This bonnet is of a French shape, but it is a moderate and becoming size: it is tied under the chin with pale pink satin ribbon. Lemon-coloured gloves, and pale pink slippers.”