Spanish coin

False flattery….


A gold coin worth 21 shillings. Last coinage in 1813….


…British Army prevent an armed uprising of about 300 laborers from Derbyshire marching on Nottingham July 5: The Royal Mint replaces the gold guinea with a new gold sovereign coin….


…£5 note is issued in response to the need for smaller denomination banknotes to replace gold coin during the French Revolutionary Wars (previously the smallest note issued had been £10)….

Walking Dress, November 1811

purse referred to as a ridicule. The more well-known bastardized version of the word, reticule, did not come into general use until around 1830. The print is described in the…

Walking and Full Dresses, April 1806

…mouth of one of the ladies!) But close examination here shows this Egyptian-looking eye shadow is original to the print. Very odd. Note also that the purse she is holding…

Carriage Dress, December 1816

…more substantial, with a more rigid shape and a fixed handle. Indeed, they began to look very much like a modern purse. The soft fabric drawstring reticule continued in use…

Promenade Dress, August 1811

La Belle Assemblée, August 1811. “Promenade Dress” Note that the purse is called a ridicule. The term, which is seen often in French prints, possibly came about because it seemed…

Promenade Dress, December 1816

…items of fashion were named for her. Note the purse is called a “ridicule,” a term borrowed from the French. The corruption of the word to “reticule” did not happen…

Walking Dress, January 1811

…could also be made of black velvet and could have had blue fox fur trim. Wouldn’t that have been gorgeous! The purse is described as a “ridicule.” The twisting of…

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