…£5 note is issued in response to the need for smaller denomination banknotes to replace gold coin during the French Revolutionary Wars (previously the smallest note issued had been £10)….


A gold coin worth 21 shillings. Last coinage in 1813….

Spanish coin

False flattery….


…British Army prevent an armed uprising of about 300 laborers from Derbyshire marching on Nottingham July 5: The Royal Mint replaces the gold guinea with a new gold sovereign coin….

Carriage or Walking Dress, January 1812

…at this time, Polish styles remained fashionable. Note that the little purse is referred to as a “ridicule.” The bastardization of the term into “reticule” did not happen until the…

Carriage Costume, November 1817

La Belle Assemblée,November 1817. “Autumnal Carriage Pelisse and Bonnet.” Note that the purse is called a “ridicule.” In another 15 years or so, the term would be bastardized into “reticule,”…

Brighton Sport

…which daily appear upon the ground, there is a constant display of Cyprian Fillies ready to start for any purse that may be offered.” – The Sporting Magazine, August 1800…

Half Dress, January 1812

…graceful and appropriate costume we are indebted to the taste and invention of Mrs. Gill, of Cork-street, Burlington-gardens.” Note that the term ridicule is used for the purse. This term…


A lady’s purse. More properly called a ridicule, probably because it seemed a ridiculous notion in the late 18th/early 19th century to carry outside the dress those personal belongings formerly…

Promenade Dress, December 1816

…items of fashion were named for her. Note the purse is called a “ridicule,” a term borrowed from the French. The corruption of the word to “reticule” did not happen…

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