French Ball Dress, February 1815

Journal des Dames et des Modes, Paris, February 5, 1815.

“Robe de Satin, par-dessus de Crêpe.”

This charming ball dress is composed of an under-dress of white crepe, hemmed above the ankles for dancing, trimmed at the hem with blue ribbon, above which are attached blue flowers.  The over-dress, which the French call a robe, is made of blue satin, three-quarter length, trimmed in blue ribbon, drawn up on the left side and ornamented with the same attached flowers as the under-dress. The high bodice is trimmed with the same blue ribbon beneath the bosom, and also criss-crossed over the bosom. Short blue and white sleeves are trimmed with ruching. Attached to the left shoulder is another corsage of blue flowers.

More blue flowers are worn in the hair.

The white gloves are worn just above the elbow, and trimmed with ruched tulle. This sort of trimming for gloves is seen more in French prints than English prints, and most often with court dress. Based on French and British prints, it would appear that such gloves were worn only on very special occasions, or with very special dresses.

The slippers appear to be white satin sandals, laced up to the ankle.

The necklace is composed of several stands of seed pearls interspersed with either garnets or rubies, a single length, not attached in a circle, but simply draped. A very modern style.



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