Fashions of London and Paris, February 1805.

“Two Full Dresses”

The print is described in the magazine as follows:

“Fig. 1–A robe of ruby-coloured velvet, made loose from the shoulders in front, and very low in the back; short sleeves of velvet and white crape. The robe worn over a dress of white crape, the front of which is looped down with a diamond brooch, and trimmed with a quilling of blond lace. The hair dresses with a bandeau of diamonds and white ostrich feathers. White kid shoes.

“Fig. 2–A round dress of gold-coloured crape embroidered with silver, the back and sleeves of white satin; the sleeves full, and looped up with pearls or diamonds. The hair dressed with an Etruscan bandeau and Ostrich feathers. White shoes.”