Mr. Milton’s Wild Ride

Stamford, Dec. 23: Yesterday, Mr. Milton, who recently wagered 300£ against 500£ that he would ride from the end of Dover Street, Piccadilly to this town (a distance of 90 miles) in five hours, completed his extraordinary undertaking three-quarters of an hours within the time allowed! He started from Dover Street at two minutes past eight o’clock yesterday morning and arrived at the George and Angel Inn in this town at exactly seventeen minutes past twelve. When it is considered that Mr. Milton weighs fourteen stone, and that in consequence of his horses being misplaced he was obliged to ride one horse upwards of fifteen miles, this may, perhaps, be proclaimed one of the most wonderful feats ever recorded in the annals of horsemanship. One of the horses was completely knocked up before he had gone four miles. Mr. Milton, when he reached Stamford, appeared very little fatigued.”

La Belle Assemblée, January 1811

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