Regency in General

  • Leigh’s New Picture of London 1819 (Excellent guide to London from 1819, including a wealth of information on subjects ranging from churches and charities, prisons, hackney coach regulations, periodical publications, booksellers, hotels, medicine, and more.)
  • The Napoleonic Guide (Yes, it’s about French history, but it’s the same time period as the English Regency and includes everything you ever wanted to know about Napoleon, including his campaigns against British forces.)
  • Regency England (Fun site with interesting sections on weddings and shopping.)
  • Regency Era Overview  (Fashion, culture, and lifestyle.)
  • Regency Musical Timeline (Excellent work-in-progress detailing music from 1811 to 1820.)
  • A Regency Repository (Good general site with brief overviews of art, literature, science, etc. with lots of links.)
  • Regency Researcher (Nancy Mayer’s excellent site including lots of Regency topics.)