Transportation and Travel

  • Curricles, Gigs, and Phaetons (Overview of these popular vehicles from the Regency History blog.)
  • Regency Era Carriages Types (Brief overview, with some illustrations, of the various types of carriages used during the Regency.)
  • Regency Travel (The various choices for domestic travel during the Regency eg private carriages, hired carriages, mail coaches, stage coaches, etc.)
  • Roads, Railways, and Canals (Excellent analysis of methods of transport in 19th century England.)
  • Stagecoach Travel During the Regency (Overview of travel by mail coach or stagecoach.)
  • Travels in England, 1782 (Complete online transcription of the letters of a young Prussian clergyman, Karl Moritz, as he traveled throughout England in 1782.)
  • William Cobbett’s Rural Rides (Originally published as articles in his Political Register, this collection of essays on rides through rural areas of England from 1821 to 1826 gives an excellent insight into rural life, topography, weather, etc.)