Figure 1

Lady’s Monthly Museum
January 1804
“Walking Dresses”

This is only half of a larger fold-out print that included two other dresses – a morning dress and an evening dress. (You can see the line of the fold in the figure on the right.)The two walking dresses are described as follows:

“1. A light Blue Beaver Military Helmet Hat, covered with light Blue Netting, ornamented with a White Feather. A short Walking Dress of White Muslin. A Military Spencer, trimmed with Silver Cord, and Epaulette. York tan gloves.

“2. A Scarlet Velvet Bonnet, with a White Ostrich Feather. A Pelisse of Scarlet Kersimere, trimmed with Black Velvet. Brown Bear Muff.”

The Lady’s Monthly Museum was a small, inexpensive magazine, and though the fashion prints are charming, they are not nearly as fine as those in other more upscale magazines.”