Ball Dress, February 1812

Ackermann’s Repository of Arts, February 1812.

“Ball Dress”

We often see long evening gloves allowed to fall below the elbow, but these gloves are made shorter, not even reaching the elbow. This length is somewhat unique.

Note the elegant Regency chaise. Ackermann often included the most fashionable furniture in his fashion prints.

The print is described in the magazine as follows:

“A round Grecian robe of white crape, gossamer net, or leno, embroidered up the front, and round the bottom, with a fancy border in marigold chenille; and antique bodice of marigold velvet, trimmed with vandyke lace or white bugle trimming; short full sleeves, same as the robe, finished with bands of marigold velvet. Slippers of the same, with silver clasps, or roses. A square veil of fine Mechlin lace, fancifully disposed over the hair, which is seen in irregular curls beneath. Necklace and correspondent ornaments of the satin bead or pearl. Gloves of French kid, below the elbow. Fan of carved ivory.”

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