Determined Petitioner Rebuffed

ladysmag250July 2: Yesterday, just as His Majesty’s carriage arrived at the Queen’s palace, a woman decently dressed attempted to force her way into the palace after His Majesty. Mssrs. Manus, Townsend, and Sayers were in attendance; they seized her, and she proved to be the same woman Sayers apprehended a few weeks since, under similar circumstances. She was extremely violent, and said she was sent by the Almighty to see the king, who was a very good sort of man, if they would let him alone. She had a petition and a pamphlet, which she wanted to give to the king. The officers took her to the secretary of state’s office. Her name is Margery Flett, and she resides in Star Court, Nightingale Lane, Wapping.”

The Lady’s Magazine, July 1807

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