Evening Dress, November 1813

Ackermann’s Repository of Arts, November 1813.

Evening Dress November 1813“Evening Dress”

It is always interesting to see the back view of a dress. We can sometimes get a better idea of the construction, how the dress hung on the wearer, how the drapery, if any, flowed, etc. Here, we can see that the low-cut back would have been very sexy. A back view also gives us a better look at the hairdo.

Note the bagginess of the long gloves. Evening gloves at this time did not have buttons at the wrist, so they had to be somewhat loose in order to remove them.

The print is described in the magazine as follows:

“A round robe of blossom-coloured crape, with demi-train, worn over a white satin slip, gathered frock back, and stomacher front; the sleeve unusually short, and back and bosom uncommonly (not to say unbecomingly) exposed. The sleeves and neck of the robe ornamented with puckered white satin, and a fancy border round the bottom, composed of white satin and crape, the same as the dress; belt of the same round the bottom of the waist, confined with a pearl, or other appropriate clasp, in front. The hair in irregular curls, divided in front, and confined on the crown on the head with white beads, and blended with small autumnal flowers of various hues. Necklace, a single row of pearl, or the satin bead; a small elastic chain of Oriental gold, from which is suspended a large convent cross of diamonds. Ear-rings and bracelets of pearl, with diamond studs. French kid gloves, below the elbow. Slippers of white satin, decorated round the instep with silver fringe. Indian fan, of carved ivory.”


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