Evening Dress, September 1812

Ackermann’s Repository of Arts, September 1812.

“Evening Dress.”

This dress is quite simple but very beautiful. The gathering, at intervals, of the full bishop sleeves gives it a special elegance. Note the beautifully rendered transparent  scarf on the fabulous Regency bench.

The print is described in the magazine as follows;

“A white crape robe, with demi-train, and long full sleeves, gathered at regular distances, and ornamented with simple bows of ribbon; bosom and back formed very low; the former ornamented with gold or Chinese silk trimming, and united with gold buckles on the right side. The robe is worn over a white satin slip, and trimmed at the bottom with lace or silver ribbon. Hair confined in the Eastern style, and ornamented with a wreath of variegated flowers. Necklace and cross of blended pearl, and amber ear-rings en suite. Romans slippers of white satin, with gold clasps; fan of white and gold crape, or carved ivory. An occasional Grecian scarf of white lace.”

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