Evening Dresses, September 1808

Fashions of London and Paris, September 1808.

“Evening Dresses.”

The cap on the left figure is placed so far back on the head that it acts more like a snood, sometimes called a caul at this time.

The “braces” on the left figure were similar to suspenders but they generally crossed over the bosom in front, which we can’t see here. The green belt and straps on the right figure might also be a type of braces, though there is no mention of them in the description. It might simply be ribbon trimming. Love the embroidery on that dress.

The long sleeves on the left dress look like they might be detachable.

The print is described in the magazine as follows:

“Fig. 1.–A short dress of fine muslin, or leno, trimmed round the bottom with lace; the back made very broad and quite square; the front formed to the bosom; long sleeves, the tops full; a brace sash of lilac, or any other appropriate colour; a small cap of silk and lace, the silk to correspond in colour with the sash.

“Fig. 2.–A dress of white crape, richly embroidered with worsted, upon a ground of spangles; the sleeves short and full, embroidered the same as the dress. A shawl of camel’s hair. White gloves and shoes. The hair dressed with a tiara, and white feathers.”

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