Full Dresses, July 1804

Fashions of London and Paris, July 1804.

“Promenade Dresses.”

The title at the bottom of the print is clearly a mis-print. Not only are they obviously evening dresses, but the accompanying text names this print as “TWO FULL DRESSES.”

During the early years of the new century, full dress often included a hat. Evening hats appear now and then in later prints, but they lose popularity in the mid-Regency years, then come back on trend in the late Regency years.

The print is described in the magazine as follows:

“Fig. 1. A full dress of sprigged muslin over a silk slip, short sleeves of lace. A cap of white lace over silk. White ostrich feathers. White gloves.

“Fig. 2. A round dress of fine muslin, with a drapery of he same, trimmed all round with Vandyke satin; a plain sleeve with a cuff, lace tucker. Cap of black lace and green satin, with a bunch of roses in front. Green shoes. White gloves.”



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