Morning Dress, June 1817

Ackermann’s Repository of Arts, June 1817.

“Morning Dress”

Morning Dress, June 1817When studying morning dresses of the period, one sees the evolution of long sleeves to the very full style seen here in 1817, foreshadowing the enormous balloon sleeves to come a decade later.

This looks to be a very comfortable at-home dress, though the cap is rather elaborate, suggesting it might have been worn to welcome morning callers.

The model for this print has a very beautiful face that can be seen in several other Ackermann prints from 1815 on.

The print is described in the magazine as follows:

“A round dress composed of jaconet muslin; the bottom of the skirt is trimmed with an intermixture of tucks and embroidery. The body is perfectly novel, it is a three-quarter height, and displays the whole of the throat and a little of the neck: it is composed of the same material as the dress, and is formed to the shape, in a manner at once singular and becoming, by bands of letting-in lace; it is also profusely ornamented with lace, which is set on very full. Long full sleeve, the fullness confined by a tasteful cuff, which is finished by a lace ruffle. Head-dress the Marlborough cap, composed of white lace, ornamented with full-blown roses and blush-coloured satin ribbon. For the form of this elegant cap, which is perfectly in the English style, we refer our readers to our print. The hair is parted in front so as to display a little of the forehead, and curled lightly over the temples. Necklace and ear-rings white cornelian mixed with gold. White kid slippers and gloves. We are indebted to the elegant taste of Mrs. Marchant of 40, Gerrard-street, Soho, for both our dresses this month.”


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