Morning Dress October 1815

Ackermann’s Repository of Arts, October 1815.

“Morning Dress.

This is an example of a very informal morning dress, often called a “domestic costume” as it was meant to be worn at home, but not for receiving visitors. This would be worn for breakfast alone or with family. She is wearing no gloves, which one would not in the privacy of one’s own home. This is a very intimate costume.

As with all morning dresses, it is loosely fitted for comfort. The short overdress or robe is called a negligé, further identifying this as an intimate domestic dress.

The description in the magazine is as follows:

“A cambric muslin petticoat, ornamented at the feet with a double flounce of French work, appliquéd with a narrow heading of the same; the body, from the shoulder to the neck, gathered full into narrow trimming, corresponding with the heading of the flounce; a military collar, frilled with the French work; short French negligé open in the front, and trimmed entirely round to correspond; long loose sleeve, gathered into a narrow trimming at the wrist, with a ruffle of the same French work. A round cap, composed of white satin and quilled lace; a white satin rose in the front. Stockings, ribbed silk. Slippers, red morocco or black kid.”

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