Morning Dresses, June 1800

Morning Dresses June 1800Lady’s Monthly Museum, June 1800.

“Morning Dresses for June 1800”

These are clearly outdoor morning dresses, as they include hats and outer garments, and a parasol. Note the the parasol is held from the top and not from the handle. This is seen throughout the period in fashion prints. Sometimes a small loop is shown at the tip which would have acted as a handle.

Though the ladies have yellow arms, I do not believe it is meant to represent long yellow gloves. Long gloves with day wear are more often seen in French prints than in English prints. Also, English gloves were never worn as tight as French gloves, but were always loose at the top. Also, the descriptions don’t mention gloves, which they usually do. I suspect in this case the colorists misunderstood and painted the arms to indicate yellow gloves. Perhaps they were French!

The print is described in the magazine as follows:

“1. A plain white muslin gown, with lace tucker. Hat of blue and white satin, in stripes; with white feather, and tassel of silver cord on the right side. A white silk shawl with blue border. Shoes white leather.

“2. White muslin gown, open on the right side, and fastened by a silver button: the sleeves fastened with the same.–A short cloak of white muslin, trimmed with lace, hanging behind. A flat straw hat, straight behind, and turned up in front; tied with pink or lilac cord and ribbons: a wreath of flowers over the forehead. Shoes straw-coloured.”

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