Promenade Dresses, September 1804

Fashions of London and Paris, September 1804.

“Promenade Dresses”

Promenade Dresses, September 1894Though the prints from this magazine are not nearly as fine as those from the more expensive publications, I still find them charming, with their sweet-faced, pink-cheeked ladies. The fashions depicted are also, in general, much simpler than those in the more upscale magazines. The middle class audience would have found fashions such as these walking dresses easy enough to re-create at home, or have made up by a country seamstress.

The print is described in the magazine as follows:

“Fig. 1 — Round dress of white muslin, made high round the bosom, with a lace frill; long sleeves. A pink and white shawl of clear muslin. A gipsy hat, of straw or chip, tied under the chin with pink ribands; a rose in front.

“Fig. 2 — Dress of white muslin, with lace tucker. Scarf shawl of clear muslin, lined with purple. Small straw hat, turned up all round, and tied under the chin with purple ribands; flower in front.”


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