Figure 5

Vinaigrettes with punches grills.
Top left: Sterling vinaigrette in plain, undecorated case. Grill punched with floral design. Thomas Willmore, Birmingham, 1801.
Top right: Sterling vinaigrette with bright-cut patterns of curls and waves of lid and floral medallion on base. Central medallion on lid monogrammed “H Rushworth”. Grill pierced with flower design. Samuel Pemberton, Birmingham, 1814.

Bottom left: Sterling vinaigrette with bright-cut decoration in wave pattern on lid and floral design on base. Lid monogrammed “TM”. Grill punched in simple geometric pattern. Joseph Bettridge, Birmingham, 1796.

Bottom right: Sterling vinaigrette with engraved lid including a monogram, Simple punched grill in lozenge pattern. Matthew Linwood, Birmingham, 1809.