Walking Dress January 1809

Ackermann’s Repository of Arts, January 1809.

Walking Dress January 1809“Walking Dress”

This print is from the first issue of Ackermann’s Repository of Arts, and introduced a level of engraving and hand-coloring that surpassed most other magazines of the period. Note the face, for example, which shows a very high level of artistry and skill. It was after this new publication became available that La Belle Assemblée, already in publication for 3 years, began to significantly improve the quality of its prints to compete with Ackermann’s. This walking dress was designed by and described by Madame Lanchester, a very famous modiste of the day, who acted as a sort of fashion editor for the first few months of publication. (Read more about Madame Lanchester here.)

The print is described in the magazine as follows:

“A Polish bonnet and mantle of gold-coloured velvet, with an invisible hood trimmed with ermine; an antique collar fastened with a gold ornament in front, in the form of a shell. Morning dress of white muslin Brussels spot, with a worked stomacher, and trimmed down the front and at the bottom; worked long hanging sleeves, twisted and fastened at the wristband with a small gold ornament of the same form as that which fastens the mantle and cincture of the dress; sandals of gold-coloured cloth, laced with brown cords and tassels; York tan gloves.”




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