Walking Dress, June 1811

La Belle Assemblée, June 1811.

“Walking Dress.”

At first glance, this looks, to me, like a dress with a spencer jacket, but it is actually a full-length pelisse. There is no description of a dress beneath it. The pelisse appears a bit heavy for June, but sarsnet was a light silky fabric, so it would have been appropriate for summer. I’m not sure why she needs a mantle as well (though it looks like a shawl to me), but the blue looks lovely against the pink pelisse.

The print is described in the magazine as follows:

“A pelisse of pale pink sarsnet, lined with white, and ornamented with rich silk Brandenburg trimmings of correspondent pink, or pale brown; a high standing ruff round the throat; a Persian mantle of pale blue, or white, thrown over the dress. A basket hat of straw, ornamented with a demi-wreath of half blown roses. Shoes of blue kid; gloves of York tan.”

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