Walking Dresses, November 1798

Gallery of Fashion, November 1798.

“Morning Dresses.”

These are walking dresses for the morning hours. The skirts are still rather full at this time, gathered high in the back, usually with a very tiny bustle. The silhouette won’t narrow for another year or so. Hats have moved closer to the head and feathers are much shorter than a few years previous.

The print is described in the magazine as follows:

“FIG. CXCVIII. The front hair combed into feather curls round the face; the hind hair cut short, and dressed in bushy curls. Bonnet of white satin, trimmed with coquelicot cords; coquelicot silk handkerchief, arranged upon the hind part, and tied under the chin; black and coquelicot military feather placed in front. Round dress of Scotch cambric; short sleeves. Handkerchief shawl of coquelicot silk. Purple kid shoes.

“FIG. CXCIX. The front hair cut short, and combed into feather curls; the hind hair in ringlets. Black straw patent hat, worked with chenille; white and pink military feather placed on the right side. Round gown of thick muslin, embroidered in pink; long sleeves. White muslin cloak, in deep Vandyke scollops. Large gold hoop ear-rings. Coquelicot riband tied round the neck. Grey gloves. Black jean slippers.”

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