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August 3, 2015

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February 4, 2015

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New Article by Candice on Regency Magazines

January 3, 2015

Check out the article by Candice on ladies’ magazines of the Regency period, and how reader submissions were publicly accepted or rejected.

Featured in Candice's Regency World

Evening Dress March 1812

Evening Dress, March 1812

"A round robe of white imperial crape, or gossamer net, worn over white satin; short Spanish pointed sleeves, caught up in the center of the arm with pearls or white beads...

Robert Stewart, Viscount Castlereagh, 2nd Marquess of Londonderry by Sir Thomas Lawrence, 1809-1810.National Portrait Gallery, London.

Lord Castlereagh (1769 – 1822)

Robert Stewart, Viscount Castlereagh, was son of the Irish peer, the Marquess of Londonderry, whose title he inherited as the 2nd Marquess in 1821. He held minor positions in the Pitt and Addington governments and was Secretary of War under Lord Portland. Castlereagh was constantly at odds with the Foreign Secretary, George Canning, especially after the failure of the Walcheren Expedition. Canning threatened to resign if Castlereagh was not replaced. Lord Portland, the Prime Minister, was so fed up with their disputes disrupting the...