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February 4, 2015

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New Article by Candice on Regency Magazines

January 3, 2015

Check out the article by Candice on ladies’ magazines of the Regency period, and how reader submissions were publicly accepted or rejected.

New Interview with Candice

December 12, 2014

Check out this blog from USAToday where Candice is interviewed about her collections.

Featured in Candice's Regency World

Mourning Dresses September 1805

Mourning Promenade Dresses September 1805

"A short dress of black sarsnet trimmed with crape. A shawl cloak of black crape. Black chip bonnet. A long dress of black Italian gauze over black sarsnet. A scarf of black crape. Black chip...

Royal Academy

Royal Academy

The Royal Academy of Arts was founded in 1768 by a group of 40 prominent artists (including two women: Angelica Kauffman and Mary Moser). Its first president was Sir Joshua Reynolds. The Academy functioned as a school aimed at teaching drawing, painting, andĀ  sculpture to young artists at a time when there were no public art galleries and almost no art schools. Although the academy was officially under the patronage of King George IIIĀ  (hence the “Royal” in the title), it received no official...