Frequently Asked Questions

Readers ask authors questions. Questions about the books, about writing, about the author herself. Candice has collected dozens of questions that have come in over the years. They are sortable and shareable for your convenience.

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Behind the Scenes

The question writers are most often asked is where they get their ideas. Go “behind the scenes” of each of Candice’s books to find out what inspired her stories.

Behind the Scenes from
Fate Strikes a Bargain

This anthology was the second by the same group of authors who wanted to use a single plot line for each of their stories. The intent was to demonstrate that, no matter now similar the plot, no two stories are ever alike. This time, the plot was chosen by readers. Read more about how that happened.

Behind the Scenes from
Lady Be Bad

When Candice named the hero of this book Lord Rochdale, it was not a random name choice. It was something of an homage to a real Regency bad boy. Learn who he was and why Candice chose the name.