Frequently Asked Questions

Readers ask authors questions. Questions about the books, about writing, about the author herself. Candice has collected dozens of questions that have come in over the years. They are sortable and shareable for your convenience.

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Behind the Scenes

The question writers are most often asked is where they get their ideas. Go “behind the scenes” of each of Candice’s books to find out what inspired her stories.

Behind the Scenes from
In The Thrill of The Night

The hero of In the Thrill of the Night, Adam Cazenove, is a connoisseur of art who is one of the sponsors of the British Institution. The Institution is not fictional. It played a significant role in British art during the 19th century.

Behind the Scenes from
Her Scandalous Affair

Once again, Candice’s Collections acted as literary inspiration. For Her Scandalous Affair, the inspiration was sentimental jewelry. Find out more about the jewels that acted as models for the Mallory Heart.