Afternoon Dress, December 1795

Gallery of Fashion, December 1795.

“Afternoon Dress.”

This is another very elegant Afternoon Dress seen in the late 1790s. White satin, silver fringe, and diamond earrings are not what one would typically expect of an ensemble worn in the afternoon. But apparently, in this expensive magazine with its exclusive subscriber list, it is the norm.

There is no mention of the muff in the description, but it is definitely some kind of fur, beautifully rendered. And the plaited long sleeve is extremely elegant. The one pop of color — the red spotted bandeau — is a nice touch.

The silver embroidery, silver fringe, silver cord at the waist, and the diamond earrings are all painted in bright silver metallic paint.

The print is described in the magazine as follows:

“The hair in light curls and ringlets. Bandeau of white satin, tigré in carmelite. White satin chiffonet mixed with the hair; three white ostrich feathers placed in the front. White satin petticoat. Robe of white muslin, embroidered at the bottom with silver, trimmed round the neck and down the sides with a silver fringe; long sleeves plaited and trimmed with lace, the upper part full, and tied with three silver cords. Round the waist a silver cord with two large tassels, tied at the left side into a bow. Diamond ear-rings. Plaited tucker, and a string of pearls round the neck. White gloves. White satin shoes.”

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