Ball Dress, June 1813

Ackermann’s Repository of Arts, June 1813.

“Ball Dress.”

As this is labeled a ball dress, the short hem length would have been appropriate for dancing. Even so, it seems a bit high for the mid-Regency period, showing more leg above the ankle than usual. However, the vandyked edging of the hem is quite pretty and would have looked lovely during the movement of the dances.

The print is described in the magazine as follows:

“EVENING OR BALL DRESS. A Grecian round robe, of lilac or apple-blossom crape, worn over a white satin petticoat. A satin bodice, the color of the robe, ornamented with white beads and drops, à la militaire; the same continued down the front of the dress; short Circassian sleeves, with similar ornaments; a deep vandyke trimming of lace, or lilac Angola silk, round the bottom of the robe. An Indian turban, of silver frosted crape, decorated with pearl or white beads; and a bunch of spring flowers beneath, blending with the hair over the left eyebrow. A necklace and locket of large pearl, or the satin bead. Ear-rings and bracelets en suite. White satin slippers, trimmed with a narrow silver fringe. White kid gloves. Fan of ivory, decorated with colored feathers. Lemon-coloured or white scarf, with rich embroidered ends of gold and coloured silks.”

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