Full Dresses, June 1803

Fashions of London and Paris, June 1803.

“London Full Dresses”

Full Dresses June 1803I love the charming prints from this magazine, even if the quality of the engraving and hand-coloring is not as fine as that seen in prints from more expensive publications.

Most evening dresses of this period were very low cut, but this is one of the few prints, in any British magazine, that shows a little shadow of cleavage, as seen here on the lady on the right. I also love her hairdo, which is my notion of a quintessential Regency hair style.

The print is described in the magazine as follows:

“Fig. 1. A short robe and petticoat of white crape over white sarsnet, the petticoat made very long and trimmed round the bottom with silver chefs; the robe made short in front, with a handkerchief corner behind, the fronts drawn full across the bosom and looped down with a diamond ornament; the sleeves shorts and plain with full epaulets, the whole trimmed with silver or gold chefs. A bandeau of diamonds or pearls through the hair with a whole Bird of Paradise feather fixed of the right side.

“Fig. 2. A dress of patent net worked with gold, the body plain and very low in the back. drawn round the bosom with a lace tucker. The sleeves ornamented with gold cord and tassels; the whole ornamented with gold trimming; the hair dressed and ornamented with a gold bandeau and flowers.”

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