Ball Dress, March 1810

Ackermann’s Repository of Arts, March 1810.

“Ball Dress”

Often in prints of full dress during this period we see long gloves sliding down the arm, deliberately revealing a bit more skin. In this print, the gloves are actually made short, below the elbow, which is somewhat unusual.

Armlets, worn high on the arm, and always in pairs, were very popular during the Regency, based on how often they show up in fashion prints.

The print is described in the magazine as follows:

“A plain slip of white gossamer satin, with short sleeves and square bosom. A Circassisan robe of brown silk net, the meshes terminated with white or gold beads; edging and tassels of the same. Head-dress à la Diana, of pearl; necklace, armlets, &c. &c. of the same. Slippers of white satin, with gold clasps and bindings. French kid gloves below the elbow. Fan of white crape, with gold Persian border.”

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