Carriage Dress and Full Dress, April 1807

Le Beau Monde, April 1807.

“Carriage & Full Dresses, for April 1807.”

The Russian hooded mantle is rather unusual, and is trimmed with squirrel fur. A suggested alternative is tiger fur!

The evening dress is described as trimmed everywhere with silver leaves, but sadly, there are none to be seen in this print. It sounds quite luxurious. The long sleeves are said to be Catalani sleeves, named after the famous Italian opera singer Angelica Catalani, who had arrived in London the year before and was England’s unrivalled prima donna for the next 7 years.

The print is described in the magazine as follows (spelling and punctuation as in the original):

“Fig. No. 1.–A CAPOTE A LA RUSSE, is composed of a mantle and head-dress in one, to cover the figure; it is made of sky blue velvet or silk, cut with gores, and made to the size of the throat without any fullness. The cap is made with a full roll on the right side, and worn so as to expose the ear; it is trimmed with grey squirrel or tyger fur fastened in the center of the cap, continues round the whole of the mantle, and fastened carelessly over the right shoulder, with a coronet or diadem of pearls. A short dress, walking length, of white muslin; blue kid gloves; white silk shoes, made high round the ankle.

“Fig. No. 2.–IL BERREETTA ALLA SEMIRAMIDE full dress cap, with drapery of plain white patent net, trimmed round with silver silk fringe, and a silver tiara in front. A plain white crape dress, over a white sattin train petticoat, richly embossed round the bottom with silver leaves; the train of the crape dress is tied in a careless knot on the right side, round which is intwined a wreath of silver roses. A French jacket of soft white sattin, with a broad cape falling on the shoulders, also embossed with silver leaves to correspond with the remainder of the dress; Catalani sleeves of white sattin and lace, inlet round the arm, down to the wrist; the jacket is made to fly open in front, to shew the front of the neck, which is confined in a silver net, made high, and worn over white satin; neck-lace composed of brilliants or diamonds, with a diamond stud fastened in the center of the bosom; ear-rings and bracelets of the same. White kid gloves; white sattin shoes bound with silver and silver rosettes.”

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