Concert Room Full Dress, December 1809

La Belle Assemblée, December 1809.

Concert Room Full Dress December 1809“Concert Room Full Dress”

It is interesting that this dress is named a Full Dress, as most concert or opera dresses are classified as Half Dress. But perhaps a performer would have been expected to appear in full dress. The luxurious  fabrics (sarsnet over lace over satin), the silver trimmings, and the use of topaz brooches to confine the bosom, waist, and sleeves all suggest the richness and elegance of Full Dress.

The print is described in he magazine as follows:

“A Polanese dress of green and yellow doubled twilled sarsnet; worn over a drapery of rich white lace, with long sleeves; confined at the bosom, the waist, and on the arms by topaz brooches; ornamented with silver trimming and tassels; a body and train of yellow satin. A Grecian head-dress composed of silver spangled crape and white satin, marked off at the crown by a wreath of green foil, and finished on the left side with a silver cord and tassels, worn with two white ostrich feathers tipped with green. Topaz necklace and earrings. Shoes and gloves of pale yellow, white, or green. The hair in full short ringlet curls.”




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