Evening Dress, August 1813

Ackermann’s Repository of Arts, August 1813.

“Evening Dress”

Described as the Vittoria or Wellington Costume, this dress commemorates the Battle of Vittoria in June 1813, a key victory for Wellington in the Peninsula War. The use of laurel in the trimmings also reflects the victory.

England lost almost 4000 men in the battle. Perhaps the wistful expression of the model is meant to remind readers of the seriousness of the battle.

The print is described in the magazine as follows:

“THE VITTORIA OR WELLINGTON COSTUME, FOR EVENING DRESS, is composed of Venetian crape, placed over a white satin underdress; a treble row of shell-scallopped lace ornaments the feet, above which is seen a border of variegated laurel. A bodice and Circassian top sleeve of pomona green satin; the bosom interspersed with shell-scallopped lace, and correspondingly ornamented. Shoulders, back, and bosom much exposed. Hair in dishevelled curls, with a variegated laurel band in front, and a transparent Brussels veil thrown across the back of the head, and descending irregularly over the back and shoulders. A chain and cross of pale amber, ear-rings and bracelets of pearl. Slippers of white satin; gloves of French kid; and a fan of carved ivory.”

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