Evening Dress, July 1817

British Lady’s Magazine, July 1817.

“Evening Dress.”

This dress exhibits the teeny tiny bodice typical of 1817, and the beginnings of the bell-shaped skirt which will dominate fashion in another five years or so.

The print is described in the magazine as follows:

“BRITISH LADY’S EVENING DRESS For this month is particularly delicate and beautiful, and is composed of a satin-striped gauze, worn over a sarsenet or satin slip. The body is made of the same materials, and confined to the waist by a satin cestus, confined in the centre by a beautiful pearl ornament. The sleeves are short and full, the lower part of the dress is encircled with rosets; on each are three leaves of embossed silver or satin; the other parts of the dress are ornamented with the same trimming. A necklace of beautiful pearl. White kid gloves. White kid or embossed satin slippers. A pale transparent silk shawl, enriched with an elegant border is of haut ton.

“THE GRECIAN VOLUTE HEAD DRESS is of the most elegant construction, and is taken from Mr. Ross’s celebrated Emporium of Fashion. It derivation is from one of the most ancient orders of Grecian Architecture, and it posses such Novelty and Beauty, that it cannot fail to obtain the admiration of the British Fair.

“The hair is parted on the forehead, and terminates in beautiful ringlets on each side of the face; above which are bandeaus of hair and pearls or beads interwoven, with an elegant tortoise-shell comb, and surmounted with a bird of paradise.”



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