Evening Dress, October 1799

Evening Dress October 1799Gallery of Fashion, October 1799. “Evening Dress”

This is one of my earliest and rarest prints. The Gallery of Fashion was a very expensive, very exclusive magazine published in London by Niklaus von Heideloff from 1794-1803. It was available only by subscription, and one of the subscribers was the Queen. Prints from this magazine are scare, so the handful I own are treasured. It’s difficult to see online, but the decoration of the bandeau in her hair, as well as the tiny brooch at her breast, are painted in bright silver metallic paint. This was the first fashion publication to use metallic paints. Others attempted it, but never with the delicacy of the Gallery of Fashion.

The print is described in the magazine as follows:

“The front and side hair cropped; part of the crown in bandeaux, and the hind hair turned up plain, returned in ringlets, and tied at the top with two strings of pearls; bandeau of orange and silver tissue riband. Orange-coloured military feather on the right. Robe of white taffeta, embroidered in small oranges; short close sleeves; the whole trimmed with a narrow orange-coloured riband. Striped clear muslin neckerchief, trimmed with a rich lace. String of pearls round the neck. Pearl earrings set with diamonds. Belt of large orange-coloured satin riband, with an enameled steel buckle in the front, round the waist. White gloves and shoes.”

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