Evening Dress, October 1818

Ackermann’s Repository of Arts, October 1818.

“Evening Dress”

This is the year of the teeny tiny bodice. A full bosom could not have fit into this one! I always have to wonder if the prints are wildly exaggerated in regard to these tiny bodices, as it seems as though a few ribs would have to be removed to accommodate them! Whether or not they were actually that tiny, the waistlines were certainly as high as they would ever get. In another year, they began to creep back down toward the natural waistline, which is finally reached by the late 1820s.

One item that is not described is the beautiful blue shawl. It appears to be embroidered silk.

The print is described in the magazine as follows:

“A white lace dress over a white satin slip: the bottom of the skirt is trimmed with a drapery of white lace entwined with pearl, and ornamented with full blown roses without leaves, which are placed at regular distances: a rouleau of white satin is placed above and another below this trimming. Corsage [ie bodice] of pale rose-coloured satin, made tight to the shape, and cut so as to display the bust very much: a row of blond lace is set on plain, so as to fall over the corsage. Short full sleeve of rose satin, slashed with white lace, and finished at the bottom by a fall of blond lace set on plain. Head-dress, a white satin toque, made rather high, and ornamented with a bunch of flowers placed at the left side. White satin slippers. White kid gloves. Necklace and ear-rings pearl. Hair arranged in a few light ringlets on each temple. Small ivory fan.

“We are indebted to Miss Macdonald [for this dress].”

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