Evening Dress, October 1819

Evening Dress October 1819La Belle Assemblée, October 1819.

“Evening Dress”

The last few years of this decade saw some of the tiniest bodices, at least as represented in the fashion prints. To compensate for the short bodice, the skirts took on complicated flounces.

The print is described in the magazine as follows:

“Dress of fine net over white satin; richly flounced with double festoons of very broad blond; the lower festoon interspersed with full blown roses, the upper one surmounted by lilies of the valley. Plume head-dress, consisting of numerous white down feathers floating over the hair, arranged in full curls, and depending partially over the left side of the head. Diamond ear-rings and necklace. White satin shoes and white kid gloves, with carved ivory fan.

“A white satin body is worn with this dress which, with the short sleeves of lace and satin, are ornamented to correspond with the border of the dress.”

Later, at the end of General Observations on Fashions and Dress, we find this note:  “We are indebted this month to the taste of Miss Pierpoint for our print of the English Evening costume.”

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