Evening Dress, September 1813

Ackermann’s Repository of Arts, September 1813.

“Evening Dress.”

The slashed sleeves and “demi-bodice” are somewhat unusual, and seem to be connected as a single garment.

The bandeau in her hair must have been quite lovely in person, composed of diamonds, white roses, and silk to match the demi-bodice.

The “fan of carved ivory” would likely have been a brisé fan, as seen here.

The print is described in the magazine as follows:

“A round robe of white Venetian crape, worn over a white gossamer satin slip, appliqued with lace in front of the bosom; full slashed sleeve and demi-bodice, or amber or other coloured satin, confined at regular distances and at the bottom of the waist with bows of correspondent ribband. The bottom of the dress finished with treble rows of lace, put on very full. Head-dress à la Parisienne, composed of a small bandeau of diamonds, white roses, and folds of silk the colour of the bodice; over which is disposed fancifully a large transparent Mechlin veil. Ear-rings, necklace, cross, and studs of brilliants or pearl. Slippers of amber satin, with silver rosettes and trimming. Gloves of French kid, and fan of carved ivory.”

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