Evening Dress, September 1813

La Belle Assemblée, September 1813.

“Evening Dress”

It is always interesting to see dresses from the back. Here, we get to see the white satin under-dress, laced up the back, that is revealed by the deep V of the back of the frock.

The “plain ivory fan” is of the type seen in this collection.  In the General Observations on Fashion and Dress in this issue, it states: “Plain small ivory fans promise to supersede the beautiful painted ones mentioned in our last Number.”

The print is described in the magazine as follows:

“Frock of straw-colour crape, with a demi-train; it is worn over a slight white satin petticoat; the back of the dress, as our fair readers will see by the Plate, is very novel and elegant, the under-dress is laced behind, and the frock is open at the back so as to display the white satin underneath: it is finished at each side of the back by a row of rich lace, which also forms a shoulder-strap, from whence it goes across the front  of the bosom, which is done by the insertion of a piece of crape between a double row of lace. Waists, as they were worn last month. White lace sleeves made very full, and finished at the bottom with a rich white silk trimming. The hair is twisted up behind à-la-Grecque, and a fancy wreath of flowers is put quite at the back of the head; part of the hind hair is braided and goes quite round the head, the front is is disposed in full curls on the forehead. Pearl necklace, ear-rings, and bracelets. Plain ivory fan; white kid gloves and slippers.”

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