French Gentleman’s Day Wear, August 1812

Journal de Dames et des Modes, Paris, August 25, 1812.

“Habit à Collet de Velours. Guêtres de Toile écrue.”

Clearly Napoleon wasn’t the only fellow to tuck his hand into the breast of his jacket! A French affectation, no doubt.

This gentleman’s blue coat, likely of light-weight wool, is double-breasted with a gray velvet collar, and a straight high-cut waist. The sleeves are quite full in the shoulder. The buttons are also blue, probably covered in the same fabric as the coat. The tails of the coat, cut straight, fall to mid-thigh. Beneath the coat we can see a red-and-white striped waistcoat.

The yellow breeches are tied at the knee, not buckled or buttoned. We are not told what fabric, or skin, they are made of, but as it is August, we can guess a light-weight fabric. They are worn with white stockings. The black shoes are covered in gaiters of canvas.

The gentleman carries a top hat and a rustic walking stick.

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