Full Dress, May 1813

Ackermann’s Repository of Arts, May 1813.

“Full Dress.”

I love this print. The blue dress under the lace-edged white robe topped with the gold shawl is just so pretty.

Note the baggy gloves. These were above-the-elbow gloves that were typically tied at the top to keep them up. But clearly, they often slipped down. In fact, there are so many English prints showing long gloves falling down below the elbow that one has to wonder if it may have been a fashion statement to let them slip. Perhaps allowing a bit more skin to be on display. In any case, these are not the tight long evening gloves worn today.

The print is described in the magazine as follows:

“A celestial blue satin slip, with short full sleeve; trimmed round the bottom with a full border of lace, gathered on a knotted beading. A Polonese long robe of white crape, or gossamer net; trimmed entirely round with lace and knotted beading, united in front of the bosom with rows of the satin bead. Hair in irregular curls, confined in the Eastern style, and blended with flowers. Necklace and drop of the satin bead, or pearl; eardrops and bracelets to correspond; double neck-chain and heart of Oriental gold, enclosing an amulet. Grecian scarf, a pale buff colour, embroidered with shaded morone silks, in Grecian characters, and fancifully disposed on the figure. Slippers of blue satin or kid, trimmed with silver. White gloves, of French kid, falling below the elbow. Fan of carved ivory, with Indian border of coloured feathers.”

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