Full Dresses, May 1799

Lady’s Monthly Museum, May 1799.

“Full Dress for May 1799.”

The early fashion prints from this magazine (which began publication in 1798) are always quite charming and original, ie they weren’t yet “borrowing” prints from other publications. Though quite simple, both dresses show the strong neo-classical style that was still popular.

The print is described in the magazine as follows:

First Figure. The Greek vest of blue muslin, fastened by a diamond clasp on the right shoulder, with a silver girdle and trimming of silver round the skirt; plain gown, with sleeves very short, and a neat plaiting round the neck and sleeves.–Turban, à la Grec, blue muslin, with silver bandeau, and ostrich feathers. Shoes blue silk.

Second Figure. Head-dress, drop-curls round the face, confined by a flat bandeau; two bandeaus of hair plaited, crossing in front, with loose feather-curls on the top and back of the head, and a single lock falling on the neck behind. Plain round gown, with broad cuffs of lace, and short cloak of pink muslin, fastened to the shoulders and waist by braces of crimson velvet embroidered with gold, which terminate in gold cord and tassels, The cloak edged with gold, and drawn up on the left side. Shoes pink silk.”

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