Half Dress, March 1813

Ackermann’s Repository of Arts, March 1813.

“Half Dress”

Half Dress is the category of dress that includes dresses worn from the late afternoon through the evening, for occasions that are dressier than a promenade in the park but much less formal that evening full dress. Sub-categories include Dinner Dress and Opera Dress. Though the print does not give us much of a clue as to the occasion, this dress would have been appropriate for either the opera, or a dinner party, or any half dress occasion.

The print is described in the magazine as follows:

“A round robe of coloured sarsnet, or muslin, spotted with amber; drawn frock bosom; and long, full sleeves, tied twice at the wrist, at regular distances. A tucker of lace, or plaited net. A cap à la Russe, composed of white satin and lace, confined with a ribband round the head, terminating in bows and ends on one side. Hair is dishevelled curls. Necklace and cross of amber beads. Gloves and shoes of lemon-coloured kid. Spanish capuchin, or lappelled cloak of white or stone-coloured kerseymere, embroidered with a rich border, in chenille and silk.”

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