Kensington Garden Dress, August 1809

La Belle Assemblée, August 1809.

“Kensington Garden Walking Dress”

There are so many wonderful details in this ensemble, that it comes very near to being overdone. Instead, it exhibits a level of sophistication that must have been very striking at the time.  Note the Egyptian “bonnet” which provides an interesting variation on the turban headdress; the hoop earrings made of amber; the beautiful black lace mantle (painted with lovely transparency); and the military-style lacings of the spencer.

The print is described in the magazine as follows:

“A spenser bodice of pale pink sarsnet. White muslin dress, with double row of scollop lace forming a light flounce round the bottom, over which is worn a black lace mantle and train. Egyptian bonnet, composed of pink sarsnet and antique lace. Shoes and gloves of pale yellow. Amber necklace and earrings. Hair after the Egyptian manner. Parasol of pink and brown shot, with white fringe.”




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