Morning Dress, April 1812

Ackermann’s Repository of Arts, April 1812.

“Morning Dress.”

This is clearly an indoor morning dress, especially when taking into account the very full, loose sleeves. Full sleeves were not a fashion yet, but were often a part of a comfortable dress worn at home. Many indoor morning dresses in fashion prints are shown with gloves, which has always puzzled me. Perhaps the modistes whose dresses are featured in the magazines felt that no ensemble was complete without gloves.

It is interesting that the quizzing glass on a chain is called a “sight.” This  is not a term I have seen before. Perhaps it is a magnifier, to help read the book by her side.

The print is described in the magazine as follows:

“A superfine Scotch or French cambric over a cambric slip, with full long sleeve, and ruff à la Mary Queen of Scots. A neck chain and sight set  in gold; bracelets and necklace of white or red cornelian. A Flora cap, composed of white satin and lace. A capuchin or French cloak of blossom satin, or Pomona green, trimmed with thread lace. Slippers of pale pink or green kid; and gloves of tan or Limerick kid.”

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