Morning Dress, November 1809

Ackermann’s Repository of Arts, November 1809.

“Morning Dress”

Morning Dress November 1809

This publication, more than other magazines of the period that included fashion prints, depicted children with their mothers. Four months of the Repository’s first year of publication, 1809, and five months of the following year, included fashion prints with young children. This speaks to the target audience of young, affluent (based on the cost of the magazine) women, either married or looking, hoping, to be married soon.

This print not only shows a charming scene of mother and child, but provides a glimpse of the lovely piece of Regency furniture.

The print is described in the magazine as follows:

“A high robe of fine jaconet, or cambric, muslin, buttoned from the throat to the feet; a high fluted collar, edged with lace, and clasped in the center with a topaz, or other gem. A Chinese girdle and tassel confines the bottom of the waist, and is tied in front, so as to reach a little below the knee. A loose morning robe, or pelisse, of white muslin, green shawl print, or jubilee sarsnet, trimmed entirely round with a correspondent border. Silver filigree bracelets, with topaz studs. A matron mob, or cap of point lace, ornamented with shaded yellow, or lemon-coloured ribbon. Gloves and slippers of lemon-coloured kid.–Infant’s robe, of yellow muslin, over a fine soft cambric skirt.”

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