Morning Dress, September 1811

Ackermann’s Repository of Arts, September 1811.

“Morning Dress”

Morind Gress September 1811

This is the type of indoor morning ensemble one would wear at home. It’s loose and comfortable, and both the dress and cap are fairly simple in design. The yellow kid gloves are likely meant to indicate that this dress and cap could be worn on a morning call, but it might also just be for a nicer effect in the print.

The print is described in the magazine as follows:

“A Chinese robe with full long sleeves, composed of fine imperial, or plain cambric muslin; trimmed round the throat and wrist, and down the front with a full plaited border of plain muslin. A French foundling cap, formed of alternate stripes of lace and white satin, ornamented with blossom-coloured ribbon, and autumnal flowers to correspond. A pelerine of spotted muslin or net, trimmed entirely round with lace or muslin, and thrown loosely over the shoulders. Shoes and gloves of lemon-coloured kid.

“These dresses [this print and the other fashion print for this month] are furnished by Mrs. Gill, No. 1, Cork-street, Burlington-Gardens; whose extensive and elegant assortment of millinery, robes, &c. &c. has rendered her so justly eminent in her line.”

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