Morning Walking Dress, October 1812

La Belle Assemblée, October 1812.

“Morning Dress”

This would appear to show a lightweight pelisse over a dress, but it is described as a dress (i.e. overdress) over a petticoat. I’m not sure what makes this an overdress and not a pelisse.

The shoes are especially pretty, with a rosette at the toe and several straps over the instep. They are described as sandals, which usually means lacings above the ankle, which we cannot see but should assume are there.

The print is described in the magazine as follows:

“WALKING DRESS.–Jaconet muslin dress, made rather below the knee and open in front; trimmed round with a rich worked muslin border scolloped, and laid on rather full: waist moderately long, and a collar falling about a nail [?] over the throat, which, as well as the sleeve, is edged with the same pattern trimming as the dress, but not more than half the width, the sleeve made very long and loose. Petticoat of jaconet muslin, trimmed to correspond with the dress. White shawl of newly invented silk and cotton twill, with a rich coloured border, thrown loosely over the shoulders. Cottage bonnet of yellow twilled sarsnet, tied under the chin with  with a large row of yellow ribband, small front, which displays a rich lace cap, a bunch of corn flowers in front. Yellow kid sandals and gloves.”




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