Morning Walking Dress, September 1798

The Lady’s Monthly Museum, September 1798.

“Morning Dress for Sep’r 1798.”

This is only the third monthly issue of The Lady’s Monthly Museum, and it is still finding its way, in terms of fashion coverage. For example, the addition of heads showing the latest hats was only done here and in a print of the following month, and never again. The brief section on fashion is called Cabinet of Fashion. In this third issue, the section begins as follows:

“The unprecedented encouragement of the two former Numbers of our miscellany have met with, and the many encomiums we have received in this department, induce us once more (though at considerable expense) to present our readers with Two elegant Coloured Plates, which, in point of execution and correctness, we flatter ourselves, are inferior to none.”

This was a small, inexpensive magazine, and including 2 hand-colored prints would indeed have increased the production costs. It does, though, seem a bit tacky to mention it.

The print is described, very briefly and without much detail, as follows:

“The two Figures at the top represent the most fashionable Morning Head Dresses for the Present Month; and the Whole Length Figure, on the same plate, the New Curricle Vest, with braces trimmed with White Net.”

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