Morning Walking Dresses, April 1797

Gallery of Fashion, April 1797.

“Hyde Park Morning Dresses.”

Apparently these two ladies got stuck in Hyde Park during a rain storm. I love how the artist gives us a suggestion of what the dresses would have looked like battling wind and rain. And isn’t it serendipitous that the lady on the right happened to be wearing fabulous sandals laced all the way up her calf when the wind blew her dress up.

The print is described in the magazine as follows:

“Fig. CXXXIV. The toupee combed straight, the chignon turned up lain and short. Cabriolet bonnet of light green velvet, tied under the chin with a white riband; light green satin riband, in half plaits, on the top of the crown, surrounded by a band of white satin in large plaits, crossed with pink-coloured satin riband; large rosette of pink riband in front, and a small one behind. Round gown of pale yellow stained muslin, with a narrow embroidered border; short sleeves. Rose coloured gloves. White and yellow striped slippers. Green and white striped shawl.

“Fig. CXXXV. The front hair in small curls, and the hind hair in ringlets. Chinese bonnet of purple velvet; quartered crown of purple and yellow satin; large bow of yellow satin riband in the front, and a small one behind; round black craped feather placed behind, and the top of it fixed to the front bow. Round gown of French grey-checkered calico; short full sleeves, with a narrow plaiting at the elbow, tied in the middle of the arm with blue riband. Small muslin handkerchief. White satin scarf shawl, trimmed with a broad coquelicot-coloured satin riband, and a broad black lace. Double gold ear-rings. Light blue gloves. White sandals laced with coquelicot riband. Striped fur muff.”

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