Morning Walking Dresses, August 1809

Fashions of London and Paris, August 1809.

“Morning Dresses”

Labeled as “Morning Dresses,” these are clearly outdoor dresses, and are actually named as “Promenade Dresses” in the description. So they can rightly be categorized as Morning Walking Dresses.

Both are simple white muslin dresses, the most common fabric of the entire extended Regency period.

The bonnet on the right is very typical of this year, with a rounded, but close to the head, crown, and a very narrow brim.

The print is described in the magazine as follows:

“TWO PROMENADE DRESSES. Fig. 1.–A short dress of thin muslin, with work let in round the bottom, and finished with small tucks; long sleeves, with epaulette tops formed with lace; the bosom quite plain, with lace let in across; a frock back. A hat of white chip, ornamented with a feather.

“Fig. 2.–A dress of white muslin, made very high over the bosom, with work let in; long sleeves, formed of alternate stripes of work and muslin; the back made high, with work let in to correspond with te other parts of the dress. A large silk shawl. A bonnet, to correspond in colour with the shawl, ornamented with flowers.”

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