Morning Walking Dresses, May 1795

Gallery of Fashion, May 1795.

“Morning Dresses”

During this early period, the skirts are made fuller, especially in the back, and hems are long. (Imagine the dirt that would certainly accumulate at the hems of these dresses!) Plumes in hats are worn high, and ribbons and bows are worn long and in complicated arrangements. All that fussiness settles down in a very few years, only to resurface again in the late Regency.

It is interesting that the two dresses appear so very similar. Both are white muslin dresses. The one in front is said to be sprigged muslin, though it isn’t depicted as such. Both wear a white handkerchief or fichu at the neckline. And both wear a “black scarfed cloak.” Though each is described slightly differently, the only obvious difference between the two costumes is the hats.

The muff is not described. As I have a particular fondness for muffs, it would be interesting to know from what fur or other material it is was made.

The print is described in the magazine as follows:

“FIG. 51. The hair is combed in curls and ringlets. Bonnet of yellow satin, lined with white, trimmed with a yellow band-feather, and a piece of yellow satin, forming a large bow in the front; two yellow ostrich feather placed behind the bow. Round gown of muslin, embroidered at the bottom; short sleeves. Small handkerchief. Narrow ruff of black lace round the neck. Black scarfed cloak, trimmed with black lace. Yellow gloves and shoes.

“FIG. 52. The hair in curls and ringlets. White stamp paper hat, lined with white silk; the crown trimmed with lilac and yellow silk, in the form of a twisted turban; a large bow of lilac riband on the left side, and tied down with lilac riband. Close gown of sprig muslin; long sleeves; narrow flounce at the bottom. Small handkerchief. Black scarfed cloak, trimmed with broad black lace. Yellow shoes.”



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